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I’m so cool

My car is so cool, I can park anywhere I want.

Cool car

By Daniel Bowen

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10 replies on “I’m so cool”

A classic indeed. It’s a Buick from the early 70’s but its not mine and it should not be parked there. People who drive expensive and exotic “look at me!” cars do tend to think its ok to do as they please and that rules apply only to “other people”. Is it right or left hand drive?

I think we should cut them some slack – the parking is as cool as the car. They have taken on the parking inspectors twice, and can be expected to be hammered twice. Gutsy.

Even though it epitomises assumptions and prejudgment, you can define a person by their car. I would say that the git who parked his car there has got more teeth than braincells and think that having a big ego means that they can rake in “Lotsa chicks Maaaaate”. Regrettably, such idiots tend to become road fatalities.

I used to know a lady who parked sort of like this. She parked outside the shop she wanted and didn’t worry about whether she was doubleparking or blocking the tram or anything else.

Can’t read the sign and if you’re not from Australia, the color, shape, etc. are no indication. I’ve guessed it means “no parking,” but why? Is it a handicapped space, bus stop, loading zone, fire lane?

Please help us daft foreigners understand the deeper humor of this.

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