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Proposal for a Yarra car ferry.

Google Australia introduces predictive web searching, which can show you how the Web will look tomorrow.

Google USA and Virgin have combined to form Virgle: sending a human colony to Mars.

Andrew Bolt to run for parliament in Peter Costello’s seat.

A bunch of stories: SCG stand to be named after Warrick Capper; Beijing Olympics women’s events to be run two weeks after the men’s; Virgin Blue offers half-price air fares for those willing to stand.

It was Fossil Fools Day.

NZ radio station cancels this morning’s Foo Fighters gig.

And Sanitarium are going to stop manufacturing Weetbix. At least, that’s what I told my kids at breakfast this morning. For a few seconds they believed it.

By Daniel Bowen

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I don’t know whether you saw Aviary’s brilliant Dodo time machine?

Also, several others by Google this year:

Google Docs has “File->New Airplane” (but for real)

Google Calendar “Wakeup Kit”:

Also Google Mail “Custom Time”:

How any work gets done over there, I don’t know – they put a serious amount of efford into the Virgle project.

Richard Branson sounds serious enough about it that I’m not sure he’s not actually halfway considering it, pending availability of funds.

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