Not the 6 o’clock news

One night last week I was flicking between the six o’clock news services and I came across a Channel 9 story about someone’s wedding dress being delivered late for the wedding.

WTF? Look, I feel sorry for them, but THIS IS NOT NEWS.

You don’t want your journos to be aloof and distant from the people, and reporting only on stories that don’t affect anybody. But to run a fully-fledged two minute news story based around something this trivial is really pushing it.

I’m betting it would be enough to make many people switch over and never come back.

(There was a cranky letter in the Green Guide about it, too.)

By Daniel Bowen

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Agree with Jayne, sort of… but only to the extent that this ran 2 mins instead of 60 seconds. All news directors seem to try to balance the broadcast with some sort of human interest piece. It’s the number and length that are the measure of the day’s slowness, not the fact that they make the broadcast.

Oh Daniel… as someone who is spending a LOT of time organising a wedding, believe me, dresses not showing up? BIG DEAL. Big, big, big. It’s tragic by Shakespearian standards. You should see the bitching, moaning, whining and inane fussing by some ladies on a forum I regularly visit when there is a problem (of any sort) with their dresses, let alone one not being delivered.

Actually, I think that woman mentioned is one of the ladies on the forum I go to… there was a big kerfuffle about her dress not being made on time. *LOL*

A few years back my son was on a indirect flight from Brisbane back to Alice Springs via Cairns. The plane in Brisbane was delayed due to it being struck by lightning. They eventually made it to Cairns just in time to see the flight to Alice take off. Not only was my then 15yo son stranded but a group of 6 people that were attending a wedding here that afternoon! There’s only Qantas flying into Alice and no more flights till the next day. That’s not national news worthy but slightly more than a silly dress!

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