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I must see this movie


Why did nobody tell me about this before? The King of Kong.

King Of Kong advert

I know, I know… I didn’t actually list the original Donkey Kong in my top ten games… I don’t know what I was thinking of — it’s definitely one of my favourites. My own high score is around the 31,000 mark.

It’s in the cinemas locally now, but can already be ordered from on DVD. Very tempting, but I think I want to see it on the big screen first.

By Daniel Bowen

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3 replies on “I must see this movie”

We saw it last week and would definitely recommend it! Not only for those who enjoyed the game either as it has the necessary ingredients for a good film – drama, conflict, hope and resolution. It’s a must see, IMHO. :)

I thought Margaret and David reviewed it but i must have been dreaming as i can’t find any mention of it on their site. I was tempted to go see it but not sure I can drag partner along!

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