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In December a friend of my sister passed away, leaving her husband and their two young children. Their friends have started a fundraiser to help him cope with the costs of raising his kids: Help Sam And Charlie.

By Daniel Bowen

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I gave a donation. My heart goes out to them. It’s a terrible thing to think of a family without a mother. I’m just glad that my depression hasn’t gotten the best of me and taken me away from my beautiful girls.

Whilst I agree that this is a tragic circumstance and I feel for all involved, is this website not a poor indictment on society that people need to beg for money using a domain name and a PayPal acct?

If Sam & Charlie were in my family or close circle of friends, I would do all I can, but I couldnt bring myself to advertise for the generosity of strangers.

Cannot the Beyond Blue people or the more historical charity groups such as the Salvos do anything?

I dont want my comment to come across as awful (but I acknowledge it will) but the notion of posting pics of cute kids and asking for money really grates on me…

What I would hate to see is someone “fake” such a stunt and I believe we wont be far away from such a thing…

(Note, I dont think this is fake as you have vouched for them Dan, but still… I wouldnt put it past the dregs of society)

Can see your point on this Clay. The web site was primarily designed for Dean’s friends to look at, give them a chance to help if they felt they couldn’t otherwise.

Ultimately one should only donate to this (or any charity) if they feel it’s genuine and that the cause is worthy of their money.

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