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Keating! — the musical. It was great. Very funny script, great cast, great band. Really good. I’m still chuckling over the election night coverage bit. Highly recommended, but if you’re pondering catching it, get a move on: apparently it’s only on for another fortnight.Thumbs up!

PS. Interestingly, we (in our late-30s) were among the youngest there. No shortage of oldsters present — some of whom seemed to have problems climbing the steep steps of the Comedy Theatre’s balcony. It was almost enough to make us feel guilty for having seats in the balcony entrance row.

By Daniel Bowen

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5 replies on “Keating!”

sounds like a great musical.
Given it’s 12 years since Keating was PM, has the show aged a bit, or have they updated it at all?

Tony, I think you’d need to be at least a swinging voter to get anything out of it. Anybody who regularly votes Lib or Nat is probably wasting their money going to this.

Rog, despite premiering in 2005, it’s unashamedly about the 90s. The Wikipedia link above has a pretty detailed plot outline.

Updating plays with a historical basis is stupid. I went to see Chess a few years ago and the producers had ‘modernised’ the plot because the Cold War was over! It made little sense as a result.

“On the mateship, welcome aboard” :) We got the soundtrack on CD and regularly listen, it’s hilarious. Specially now we’re at the other end of Johnny’s reign :)

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