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Yay. My cluster headaches have gone away, for now, even after having gone off the medication. Something to watch out for next spring, as I suspect they’ll re-appear then.

Funny thing is I had suspected the medication would impede my ability to donate blood. I rang the blood bank and they said no, it’s fine, come on in for your appointment. Moments after hanging up, I remembered I wouldn’t be able to go to my appointment anyway because something else important had cropped up at exactly the same time. I pondered ringing back, but decided it would look like I was trying too hard to weasel my way out of it. I’ll just have to give double next time. (Not!)

Boo! My bottle of hair stuff I like from Aveda ran out, and I went to get more. (I wonder if that post from 2004 was really the last time I bought it? Nah, there must have been another one in the meantime.) It’s been discontinued. But curiously, the guy there said it’ll be back “sometime this year”. Odd. He sold me some other stuff, which I bet isn’t as good. Grumble.

Shell emailed pointing out an old entry from 2001, in which I sent an SMS for the first time. Pretty funny stuff, and I wonder what other old posts of mine might highlight the arrival of technologies that we now take for granted.

Hmmm… the first time I mentioned Google was in 2001. I remember using AltaVista a lot in the 90s, but evidently found no reason to write about it. It wasn’t until 2006 that I finally (permanently) got a camera phone — well behind the pack there, though I had dabbled previously. I first got broadband internet in 2000.

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regarding the Blood Bank, I once was knocked back because I’d taken asprin a couple of days before.
So I’m surprised they didn’t object to your Aveda treatment. (I think I got that right?)

Hi Daniel, Re your Aveda product – There’s a shop at the South Melbourne Market that sells cosmetics, haircare, skin care products etc. They stock lots of remaindered, “salon only” and discontinued products, AND are much cheaper that normal retail outlets. I buy my favourite Paul Mitchell, Kérastase and Clairol products there, some of which I can no longer find anywhere else. I’m pretty sure they stock Aveda.

Good news about your headaches Daniel. There is nothing more debilitating, apart from perhaps breaking a major limb. And Hey! Spotted you and your TV crew (!) at Jolimont station earlier this afternoon. I would have alighted and said g’day, had I not already been on my way to Flinders St. Hope you didn’t get drenched by the rain.

Along with the first time you use a technology like SMS, there is the flipside of the last time you do something – like adjust the vertical hold on a TV – havent done that for years… Slashdot pointed me at this list of obsolete skills ->

Hi Daniel
I’ve encountered the products being discontinued only to reappear again before….this is because they get repackaged. Hair salons and salon product distributors sell the merchandise with the old packaging at a cut price.

I was lucky enough to find one of my favourite products in a bargain bin for a fraction of the cost, and I bought up big.

I’m so glad, because not only did the product end up with a different design on the label, but the size of the bottle was reduced and it was more expensive!

Seasonal cluster headaches – like yours sounds like they are allergies, may be worthwhile to have scratch test done see what makes you react or take seasonal dose daily of Nasonex or the FESS saline nasal spray just to keep nose running so to speak and head not dried out and aching… I always forget to take daily so once headache hits need to take a codral for the pain and then follow up with the nasal sprays.

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