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Stupidest commercial of the moment: that Fisher and Paykel washing machine advert with the woman continually bending down/standing up to empty washing out of a frontloading machine, and bemoaning “Surely there must be an easier way?”

Pah, some adverts just make me want to throw a brick at the TV, and shout at the screen. (I used to have a sponge brick for such purposes.)

Yes there is an easier way, you stupid idiot: put your basket on the ground in front of the machine, not on the top.

By Daniel Bowen

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Ah, but do you happen to have a special put-it-on-the-floor washing basket to sell us? No, you don’t. Clearly you are failing to try and meet the customers’ needs, unlike Fisher and Paykel.

As for the brick, you could go the whole hog and get yourself one of those toy guns with the stick-on darts.

Those dish drawer dishwashers are usually built in two levels. One of them on top, another on the bottom. How on Earth is it easier to bend down and get dishes out of the bottom dish drawer than to bend down and get them out of the bottom rack of a conventional dishwasher? That ad is totally pointless.

Don’t get me started on Fisher and Paykel. We have a dishwasher… biggest pile of junk on the planet. Not the dish drawer, but apparently those are the most unreliable pieces of s**t on the planet as well. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

We do have a Fisher and Paykel Dryer that is (touch wood) working beautifully, but even that required a warranty call out during the first 6 months as the auto switch off sensor wasn’t function and so clothes would get burnt to a frazzle.

Meanwhile our Electrolux Front Loader Washing Machine is the best purchase we ever made, not to mention the tiny amount of water it uses. Would never go back to a top loader again.

My Fisher & Paykel top loader is the best machine I’ve ever used, and is more efficient on both water AND electricity (not to mention time) than most front loaders. I’d never touch a front loader.

There. A balanced comments section.

I thought the same thing when I saw this advert – Pulling the washing into a basket on the floor has got to be heaps easier than reaching down into a top-loader to pull the washing out. And with a top loader.
Also how much handier it is to have a flat top (with no lid) on a machine so you can store things on top (I live in a very small flat with limited storage space.

On the other hand, my mother recently installed a double dishdraw dishwasher and I LOVE it and am etermined to investing one for my own kitchen. I only have space for a single draw, but that should be more than adequate for typical loads for me.
The whole point of the double system is you don’t have to use the bottom draw when you are only doing a single load. The bottom draw is used occasionally when entertaining.

There are some ads that I simply don’t get. There’s the Commonwealth bank ad with the boardroom meeting, and then there’s the one where the bloke goes out and buys some tampons for his GF. WTF?

I’m not convinced about the front loader floor-basket theory. One still has to bend over to load and unload. IMHO.

Ooooh I couldn’t agree more.

I must say, not sure if this would resonate with you, but it also irks me that in true stereotypical tv fashion, it’s the bloke watching the chick who comes up with the brilliant idea…now evidently that is the joke right? I’d still rather they cut out the bloke who’s sitting on his butt while I do the dishes!!!

There’s no reason you can’t squat or kneel to empty a front-loader. You still have to bend to reach into a top-loader to pull the clothes out. Ergonomically, bending repeatedly to empty a TL is less than ideal when you could briefly squat then safely lift the basket from the floor. Stupid people (not any of the commenters, btw!), stupid ad…it riles me. As for dishwashers, ours only gets run every 2nd day. There are only 2 of us and we have enough plates to eat off til we have a full dishwasher. ;o)

F & P will probably bring out an ad for their front-loaders (if they ever think of it) with someone lifting clothes out of a top loader and bending to place them into a basket on the floor whilst moaning ‘Why isn’t there an easy way?” :-)

Seriously though, my frontloader is the best washer I’ve ever had. It washes cleaner, is gentler on clothes (an underestimated money saver), uses half the detergent and less water. The only drwaback is longer washing cycles, but heck it’s not like you’ve got to stand there and wait for it :-)

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