Nine days

Jeremy is rather unimpressed with the postal service. On Monday last week he mailed a letter to himself from my mum’s place, and it took until today to arrive. Some other mail had been turning up — sporadically, but something every few days. I wonder if some of the posties on post-Christmas holidays?

For a while there we thought it had vanished completely, and would eventually be like that recent case where a postcard turned up 93 years after it had been sent.

But as it is, it took nine days to cover such a short distance: 2.3km as the crow flies; 3.3km walking; a little further by road. So although it probably went via any number of mailing centres, it had an average speed of 0.015 km/h.

By Daniel Bowen

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Funny how Australia Post’s test letters that they send achieve a next day delivery rate of 98.5% Jeremy should feel honoured to be among such and elite 1.5%, according to Aust Post.

My partner posted a parcel to Langwarrin Monday evening and it arrived in their post on Tuesday, midday.

You are correct in that the letter would have covered many kilometres.

I hate to correct you Daniel, but it had a theoretical MAXIMUM speed of 0.015 km/h. If, as you say, it zigged left and zagged right on its way back to your place, then it was a hell of a lot slower than that….

(Without knowing your locality and whether the mail centres are in line with your place – I assume not – and that kind of detail…)

Driving then plopping it in the mailbox and getting it out myself would’ve taken about 9 minutes.
Emailing would’ve taken maybe 9 seconds.
But snail-mailing… (Last time I’ve used the thing) NINE DAYS… im not impressed with australia post

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