So what is it?

Spotted in Victory Park, Patterson Road, Bentleigh yesterday. (It’s where we go when the car is getting its tyres looked at.)

I’ve seen a few obscure pieces of playground equipment in my time, but what is this? I can’t figure it out. It’s too high to reach, even for an adult.

I wondered if it might be a light, but there’s no sign of any globes inside it anywhere.

So what, apart perhaps from a waste of my council rates, is it?

By Daniel Bowen

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I’m pretty sure you throw a ball in the top. The fun part comes when you don’t know which crazy direction it will come out again.
You could probably play a three person game with it.

I have seen these here too for many years although I have never played with one. I too am pretty sure a ball is thrown in and the spout it comes out from is a surprise.

That’s what I like about having a blog. I can ask a question like this and get informed answers.

Sometimes I think playgrounds should come with a manual.

An art installation. Obviously the council has to spend the rest of it’s money before it can justify needing more. You should see the bent spine out at the Werribee Cricket Club. It’s madness. It’s a spine… in a park on the side of a road.

I’ll have to take a picture of it.

Yes, it is a piece of recreational equipment. However, I have only ever seen them in really rough, frequently-vandalized areas of big US cities!

Their simplicity means there is nothing to steal, they are hard to render useless, etc.

However, if the child doesn’t bring a playground ball to the park, the equipment is pointless! How fun can that be?

Playgrounds are easy to work out; what really needs directions are the adult fitness tracks.

The Werribee one under construction (Melway 206 B3) is a real IQ test!

just a normal piece of play equipment dude….me and 500 mates just tipped it over the other night….

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