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Something crawling on my face.

Swipe with hand. Like a shot, out of bed, turn on light.

Cockroach on bed.

Swearing ensues.

Oh gawd, yuck.

Two people I know, and some bloggers have noted the recent presence of cockroaches, despite keeping clean kitchens. I think the little bastards are getting more daring.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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9 replies on “Eugh”

Yuck is right!
PS Stop eating those late-night snacks in bed. The blighters go for the crumbs!

As I noted previously cats find roaches and other scurrying critters smaller than themselvs to be delightful playthings that are to be batted about and eventually killed. May I suggest getting one as a good pet and pest patrol. While watching TV one night I noticed my cat Julia staring intently at the bed next to me. I wondered what invisable thing my silly cat was looking at on the sheet. It turned out to be a lone small ant that I probably would never have noticed myself. She saved me from sleeping with it!

Oh yes, I’ve had the exact experience that you describe. Lovely, not! It could be worse though, my brother had a huntsman try the same thing once…

Yeah, I’ve noticed the same and had other people concur. Seems to be a lot more of the blighters around this year where they previously were not.

One of the buggers almost got into the bread yesterday – the two slices that were left went into the compost, couldn’t bring myself to eat them. Then one each came in from the ceiling fan in the bathroom and toilet. I do not want to think how many are sitting up above us as we sleep! That’s on top of two I killed the day before. They’re definitely keeping up a strong campaign of infiltration.

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