Hot January nights

Oh boy, it’s going to be a hot night, and tomorrow’s not much better.

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It’s still 38.3 outside, and about 30 indoors. No aircon here at home, but with the fans running it’s bearable, so I don’t plan on getting it.

By Daniel Bowen

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I have a thermometer, but since it’s always the exact average of the BoM’s City and Airport temperatures here (north edge of brunswick; I’ve checked with the aforementioned thermometer) I don’t usually bother putting it outside anymore. I’ve not turned the aircon on because it’s only 30 in here and I have an aversion to high power bills. And I’ve lived in worse. Thank goodness for brick with 3.5m ceilings. Mind you, it’s a right bugger to heat in winter.

I personally go for the wet-hankie-round-the-wrist method of cooling. It works a treat.

Interesting that your brick house got as warm as my weatherboard house. Maybe my insulation isn’t too bad. And yeah, the high ceilings probably help.

I am so glad that cool change has come over Melbourne. I have all the windows open in my house to cool it down after such a hot period. Now all we need to do is extinguish those bushfires…

I totally needed my aircon. I don’t do well in the heat at all. The idea of 30 degrees inside my house puts the fear of god into me. I make sure it sits somewhere between 22 and 26.

Remembering 30 degree nights is the one thing that makes me feel better about the negative 5 degree days that living in central Europe entails at this time of year. Nothing, however, can make me accept the fact that it gets dark around 3 pm. Who wants to house swap for a couple of months?

ll pass on the high temps. we had the highest anywhere rec orded world temps for xmas day /boxing day in perth this last xmas. was horrible. thank goodness we had aircon. we’ve now moved though to the country. in theory it should be a couple of degrees cooler here than in the city but it was still quite hot last week. almost 37 last tuesday. this hosue has a split system so the mian lving area is ncie and cool. Unfortunately our bedroom faces ne and is the hottest room in the house. I miss our ceiling fans.

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