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A few brief snippets:

Okay, so it’s December now. And I’ve sent precisely zero Christmas cards. Really should get into action, shouldn’t I — I’ve already got some from overseas.

Who Do You Think You Are with Stephen Fry on Sunday night was gripping, fascinating, poignant television. Looking forward to the rest of the episodes.

I didn’t know this before: A character in one of my favourite all-time TV series Edge of Darkness was based on Lyndon LaRouche, who is the leader of the Citizen’s Electoral Council.

I’ve written about this before, and the other day Danny Katz wrote a column on the wimpyness of air conditioning.

Booked tickets to Spamalot in a couple of weeks. Cost a small fortune, but hopefully very funny — it seems to be getting good reviews, and given the kids want to see it and I’m the sort of person who spent years quoting bits of the movie (and other Python scripts), I thought I should take a look.

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yeah, I’m really looking forward to seeing Spamalot soon. Oddly enough, “family tickets” were available for Sunday matinees in December. First time I’ve heard of discounts for families for shows like this. So it will only cost us a small-ish fortune.

CEC are a funny political cult. They are so mentally deranged and so insincere that it’s just hard to take them seriously.
Standing all on their lonesome in Acland street, it makes you just want to go up and give them a pat on the back (with a sign that says “insert compassion here”).

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