That’s so random

OMG, the teenagers really do say “random”. I heard it twice on the train yesterday.

They didn’t seem to be referencing Summer Heights High, either.

By Daniel Bowen

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I haven’t heard the word “random” used much (except in relation to John Howard’s re-election strategy), but my teenage daughter seems to call everyone and everything “gay”. And it’s not clear if it’s derogatory or a compliment. Can anyone help me here?

Rog – your teenager is a bit behind the times! “Gay” was replaced by “random” months ago! Unfortunately it’s generally a derogatory term, as in “that film was soooo gay” meaning it was stupid or bad. Language is certainly a funny thing.

I call people who come up to me out of the blue to ask something or say something to me or my son “randoms”. I’m not a teenager :P I do play computer games thou, I think I picked it up from WoW.

The man and I have started calling each other ‘homos’ as an insult. I think we picked that up from Summer Heights though. Puck you gets thrown about too.

Wow, im only 20, and we used ‘random’ all the time in highschool. As in *all* the time. Once teens reach about 14, they realise saying ‘thats so gay’ is not exactly the worlds most politically correct term and stop it.

But yes, teens use ‘random’ and have been doing so for at least 15 years.

ha! ‘Get with it!’

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