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Flawed footballers

Apparently the mainstream media (and I guess the public) like nothing better than the tale of a flawed footballer. At one stage yesterday afternoon, the top three stories on The Age website were about Gary Ablett Snr’s car crash, Ben Cousins on the way to rehab, and Alan Didak’s acquaintance.

Age web site

And it’s not even football season.

By Daniel Bowen

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5 replies on “Flawed footballers”

you’d better switch to reading The Herald Sun. This morning the front page has nothing to do with football. The main article is about Rove McManus’ new girlfriend. Now that is REAL news!

I was wondering to myself this morning why it is that sportspeople are regarded as role models. And then I figured out why I was wondering this – it’s because I don’t like sport. So of course it wouldn’t make sense to me, I don’t aspire to the lofty heights achieved by sportspeople.

I guess the hoi polloi do ‘tho.

I would be happy if sport never got mentioned in normal media. It would just be covered in a back section of the paper, nowhere else.

If only.

I agree Daniel! I bang on about this all the time. I am a sports fan, but seriously there are so many more pressing issues as opposed to what Ben Cousins is doing… in Sydney, they asked readers to blog in and comment if they saw Ben “partying”… really, do we care?

Between flawed footballers and Brittney Spears, I dont think they’d have much to write about!

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