Couple of pics

Passed the scene of a scaffolding collapse on Thursday afternoon on Collins Street. Apparently nobody was hurt. But it all fell onto a 4WD. See what you get for driving your Toorak Tractor into the city?*
Scaffold collapse

On Friday morning I found this giant Christmas tree being assembled by Santa’s helpers disguised as construction workers… seems Christmas really is coming.
Christmas tree being assembled

PS. *Okay, okay, shouldn’t make assumptions. For all I know, it might be owned by a farmer who spends 364 days a year driving through mud and drove in because he had a load of stuff to deliver.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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your photo of the scaffold collapse is better than the ones in the newspapers. Spectacular!
PS Was that a Toorak tractor or a Brighton bus? (Chelsea chariot, for those blog-readers in the UK)

LOL, that definition “Toorak tractor” had to be spelled out for me about 3 odd years ago. In the online game Uru, suddenly these Aussies I knew were talking about Toorak tractors and I was like “what??? Definition please!” So, thankfully I don’t need it spelled out again. Over here, Chevy Sub’s, Hummers, and that ilk are a dime a dozen. Stupid, honking gas-eaters are what I call them :P

Daniel, I can’t see the photos you just posted very well, as this twitter thing is over the top of them. It won’t let me reduce the width of the twitter column – any ideas to help get your photos and words back as the key item on my screen? Thanks

Anna, which web browser/version are you using? On those I’ve tried, the right hand margin doesn’t interfere with the pictures.

(But for this post, I’ve made it so if you click on either picture, you’ll see it on its own, without the navigation.)

Daniel, cannot read beyond …the right hand…
and …on its own…, 1st and 2nd lines respectively.

The web browser is internet explorer.

It’s annoying to not be able to read what you’re WRITING ! the last few words in each line is hidden under the twitter column. Can I reduce the width of that? Thanks, Anna
ps I enjoy your blog a lot, and see you on the news sometimes too :-)

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