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Animal meme

I was tagged by Clay for an animal meme. Though I suspect these answers won’t be terribly interesting.

An interesting animal I had…

I don’t currently have any pets. In the past it was goldfish and cats, and when I was very young, budgies. The one I had the longest was Sooty the cat, who was around from about the age of 12 until a few years after I left home — we got her as a kitten, to accompany my sister’s cat Mischief (who was later renamed to Eric).

I don’t know if I’d even contemplate arguing that any of them were “interesting”. It’s not like we ever kept elephants or anything.

An interesting animal I ate…

In York in ’98 I tried black pudding for breakfast, which apart from being the basis of a weapon for Lancastrian revolutionaries in The Goodies, is notable for being made of blood. I haven’t had it since, and don’t recall what it actually tasted like, other than that it wasn’t unpleasant.

Other than that, not being overly adventurous with food, I don’t have any good stories like Clay’s live calamari tentacles. Though some of my work colleagues have indulged in eating chicken feet on occasions.

An interesting thing I did with or to an animal…

Eh? Oh. Walking Marita’s dog Maisie? Putting the cat into a pillowcase to get a pill down her throat? I did help herd sheep once.

An interesting animal at a museum…

Does everybody cite dinosaurs for this? The Natural History Museum in London has (or had, in 1999 when I was last there) a memorable animatronic dinosaur exhibit.

I really liked the picture I took of mountain goats at Sydney Zoo.

Mountain goats, Taronga Zoo

An interesting animal in its natural habitat…

How about roos in Seymour? Rabbits in Footscray Park? (Does that count as natural habitat?) Squirrels at the Grand Canyon? Cows wandering around Plockton, Scotland? Possums in my roof and bats in my street?

Sorry, but me and animals haven’t really mixed.

Tags? Oh, anybody who wants to jump in, really. I’m sure most will have more interesting answers than me.

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great photo of the mountain goats. I love the pseudo-rocks they are standing on.
Sydney zoo has better views than Melbourne zoo, but I recall is much steeper if you are carting around young kids.

Yeah, what about humans on the moon? I thought that was a great place for ’em. All we need is some pseudo skyscrapers, pseudo streets, pseudo suburbia and pseudo air and we could fill the joint up. Then we could include pseudo over population, pseudo terrorism and pseudo lunar warming to make it just like home.

Daniel, I have the same photograph of the goats. Except the day we visited it was the coldest Sydney day for that month on record. And you can’t see the city for the rain.

But the goats were cool. Well, quite cold I imagine.

We were.

Hi Daniel, have just heard a marvellous program on RN which a Public Transport User like your good self might be interested in if you haven’t heard it. Encounter this morning was titled “Fish, Chips, and the meaning of life” and it was all about the long distance commute. I think Encounter repeats about 7pm on Wed nights so why don’t you pull up a chair a coffee or a good red, put on your best philosophic mind, tune out and tune in. Otherwise, might be available for download.

Daniel, seeing the pictures of the cows at Plockton I read that you had visited Duncraig – did you get to visit the castle? Foxtel has a television series called the “Dobsons of Duncraig” about a family of 17 who put all their funds together to purchase the castle. The railway station at Duncraig us there to service the castle. Once was a private home, a hospital, a girls college and now renovated for film crews and other guests to stay at. Not so funny watching the family implode as a result of no heating during a highland winter!

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