Ramadan is over

I was quite fascinated to listen to the start of The Conversation Hour on 774 Melbourne last Friday (MP3 available). Co-host Waleed Aly is very witty, and has a gift of being able to explain his Muslim beliefs and practices in terms that even the most ocker Aussies can understand.

(01:15) Jon Faine: Is it still Ramadan?

Waleed Aly: Last day.

Faine: Today?

Aly: Last day. It’s the Grand Final.

He goes on to talk about how Ramadan works, and the impact it used to have on his cricket skills. And he remarks of Faine’s question about whether water is allowed:

(02:30) Aly: The water question is the most commonly-asked question … My wife has decided what she wants to do is print a t-shirt that she wears around during Ramadan that just says “No, not even water.”

And the rest of the hour, with boxer Kosta Tszyu and former refugee Akoc Manheim is worth listening to as well, as is the Triple J Hack brief interview with Aly.

By Daniel Bowen

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My sons’ U14 cricket match in Flemington had to be abandoned on Saturday morning due to a double booking on the oval and the difficulty of moving 5000 people celebrating Eid and their prayer mats and the PA away from the vicinity of the pitch. The organizers were lovely people who apologised profusely and fortunately the two clubs involved were predispodsed towards respecting Eid’s significance. It’s not always the case.

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