Do I look like I know where I’m going?

People must think I look like I know where I’m going. I seem to frequently get asked for directions. And maybe they’re right, as it seems like I’m usually able to help them.

The bloke on Centre Road, wanting to get to Chadstone? By car? Okay, go straight down Centre Road, left at Warragul Road, over the bridge at Oakleigh, over the highway and it’ll be on your left. No no, don’t turn onto the highway; just go straight across. You’re welcome.

The couple getting on the 64. Does this tram go straight? Yeah, down to St Kilda Junction, then it turns left.

The girl from Brisbane, at Bentleigh station last Saturday night. Yeah the Cats did do well today. Oh you need to get to Footscray? Me too actually. Get this train to Melbourne Central then go downstairs; the trains to Footscray are pretty frequent. Oh, Whitehall and Bunbury Streets? Yeah I know where that is. … Here you go, that’s Bunbury Street right there. Whitehall Street’s about five minute’s walk. Have a good night!

And just yesterday, two ladies in Little Collins Street looking for some place in the Block Arcade. Just go down to Block Place, there… follow that through to the arcade. You’re welcome.

PS. Saturday morning. And again last night! Excuse me, can you tell me where Parliament Station is?

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

8 replies on “Do I look like I know where I’m going?”

Maybe you just do look approachable. I find some people do look approachable, because they meet your eyes. Other people who won’t meet your eyes, I feel just aren’t as likely to be helpful. Yeah, I’m that sort of person who would just ask for directions, spur of the moment idea.

It became a joke that I’m always being asked directions especially. In places from Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Canada and England. I’ve just assumed that I fit in just about anywhere. It’s really cool if you can help people out too.

yeah, you look non-threatening. And are obviously helpful. Well done!
a motorist in South Rd Brighton once asked me how to get to Werribee (he’d come from the city). Whoops! He’d travelled the wrong way around the bay!

You just have to stop looking so competent. Try, one day, going out without your hair brushed, your shirt half-tucked into your pants, and one pant leg rolled up about 5 cm.

And walk funny.

And blow kisses at imaginary people.

Not only will no one ask you for directions, you’ll get your own seat on a crowded train.

– Greg

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