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Today I turn 37. Which I figure means I’m leaving my mid-thirties.

I have to work today, and my footy tips are descending into farce, but on the bright side, the weather has turned good (25 degrees forecast today!), and it was nice to have a few people over yesterday to celebrate (even if it means excessive tidying/cleaning beforehand, and then a little more afterwards, for instance to make sure no young relatives have left cake smeared into the floor).

Hmm, I’m curious. How old are the people that read my blog? Leave your age with your comment. Go on, I dare you.

PS. Results here.

By Daniel Bowen

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I like your comment: “I have to work today”
Wot were you expecting, a national holiday to mark your birthday?
On a more serious note, I’m 28 years old. OK, make that 38. All right, 48!

I actually forgot my birthday this year, until someone at work reminded me. Then my mum took great pleasure in pointing out that at 37 I was now perilously close to ….. 40……. Thanks mum….

35. And the company I work for actually gives you an extra day of Annual Leave on your birthday. You don’t necessarily get to take it on your birthday, no rule against it but it takes a bit of organising.

Pity you have to work on your birthday! I always thought you should get to have the day off school/work as an extra “perk” LOL. I’m all of 46 this year. Not getting older but getting better, I like to say :)

I will be 40 in November but just recently someone guessed my age to be 28! Last night someone guessed 32. I have come to the conclusion that if you don’t feel any older than it dosen’t matter how old you are.

38. I’ve gone past the age where I know it off by heart. Now I have to stop and remember the year I was born and then do some maths.

Gav, at 44 I hit that age long ago!

I’m now entering that dreaded phase where I reference things to major events (births, deaths, marriages, job changes, etc). You’ve probably heard you parents do it …

“Mum, what year did Elvis die?”
“Well son, that was after Aunty Ethel’s funeral and a few weeks before Kim and Brett’s wedding. Their Jason is in Year Seven now so that means Elvis died in 1977”

I have to mentally slap myself every time I start saying things like, “That happened just after Audrey was born” or “We were married when that happened so it must have been in the last 12 years …”

Happy Birthday Daniel! I’m 31 and haven’t worked on my birthday yet. As I tell my boss; its annual leave or sick leave that choice is theirs, either way I won’t be in :)

56, so tied. Birthdays are vastly over-rated. Is one expected to float through a normal day with a soft inner glow of accomplishment, or what?

Happy 37th birthday to you Daniel on the day of my 33rd birthday. Despite what Roger thinks, I reckon the 27th shouild be a national holiday, as it is Don Bradman’s birthday and he is as close to royalty we ever had.

Sorry you had to work but I didn’t during my birthday this year. It was on a Sunday (Yesterday).

I’m 34.

Happy Birthday Daniel!

I’m 22.

As for the weather, it’s rapidly approaching uncomfortably warm for me. I’m more of a winter person.

As you well know, Daniel, I am going to turn 37 in a few months, myself. The fact that we were in school together kind of gives that one away. The good thing about my birthday is that I have never had to work on my birthday, nor has the rest of the world (I, in my normal modest way, figure they just want to celebrate it with me). The bad thing, everybody has a hangover and spends most of the day asleep or moping about the house with a sore head. Yes, I was born on the first of January.

Happy Birthday Daniel, yah old bugger

I’m a little in front of you though. I hit the meaning of life in a month!

Only I feel much younger though, I keep getting reality shocks when I realise just how much of an old bugger I am.

Happy birthday Daniel, from sunny Broome where we had a cool maximum of 28*C :)

I’m 24, by the way…

Hi Daniel… HB! I’m 41, and my boyfriend Andrew is 43. I often get him to read your page, ‘cos you two are similar in some things. Had to laugh at your recent to-do list, I’m sure Andrew’s had a to-do list since he was about 10. Worst thing is, there are still things on it that he wants to accomplish “some day”. Get cracking, I say!

p.s. I never work on my birthday if I can help it.
p.p.s. I agree with John’s comments (scary!).

33 – Happy Birthday Daniel!

Today, the weather is supposed to be 25 too but I’m in Toronto, Canada. How does that work?

I’m 37, too. Just the other day, as I climbed through a wood fence to get into a barn, Farmer Dave said, “You’re still pretty agile, Amy.” Still? I don’t think I look that old! You certainly don’t. Happy birthday!

“Old woman!”
“Old man, sorry. Whose castle is this?”
“I said I’m thirty-seven, I’m not OLD!”
“Well, I can’t just call you ‘man’.”
“You could just say ‘Daniel’.”

Happy Birthday Daniel!

“Dog years” are apparently determined by the following formula: if you took an average human lifespan and divided by an average canine lifespan, you’d get a number somewhere ’round 7.

I’ve worked out a similar formula for computers putting the number somewhere ’round 23.

In “dog years” you’re 259. In “PC years” you’re 851. And in 2 months time, in human years, I’ll be 39.

– Greg

I’m turning 34 in two months, and am still trying to figure out how the world works. It’s all very surprising, still.
happy birthday, Daniel:)

Slight correction, I meant the 27th is my birthday, since it’s stil the 27th where I am. This timezone stuff can be tricky.

Happy birthday! ;->

from a 64-year old American lady who lives in Arizona, and has been reading your blog since before it was an official blog. It formerly appeared in my INBox.

Three cheers for your stand on transportation!


I’m 30 and worked on my birthday too. My lovely colleagues supplied mudcake, so it wasn’t all bad. Hope your party went as you hoped it would. Happy birthday, Daniel.

Happy Belated Birthday Greetings!!!
They say its great to turn 40 these days but you can shove that thought where it dont shine. I lost my husband, father and a very dear friend the year I turned 40 – couldnt wait for the year to end!! 37 was certainly the better year!

Happy Birthday Daniel :-) My goodness .. I wonder how many of your birthdays I have read about over the years?

As for me – I’m 30. I often take the day off for everyone else’s sake, but to be honest – I’d rather just be here at work. Being Christmas Eve, it’s usually quiet here anyway so I can just chill out and tell anyone that rings they should wish me a Happy Birthday.

46 – Happy Birthday Daniel.
Rule #1 – Never work on your Birthday.
Rule #2 – Refer to Rule #1 for instruction.

63 (Someone out aged me already) and you, sir, are only a young whippersnapper but I love reading your email here in Indianapolis, IN, USA, the “crossroads of America.”

Nearly 42 here

Have been enjoying your stuff since the TCWF appeared on newsgroups

And with MY footy tips I’m having a stunning season…
Filled in all my tips for the season before the first game. Am easily last in our little family comp. Managed to score ZERO this week :)

Only a couple of months younger than you, Daniel – I’m looking at my 37th in mid October.

It’s still the 27th here in the United States so Happy birthday! from a 65-year old woman in Michigan who has also been reading your blog since before it was an official blog.

Also, three cheers for your stand on a lot of things and thanks for your help on a telephone problem I had sometime back.

Happy Birthday Daniel,

I am tettering on the edge at 35 and my husband fell off he’s 39 1/2 – he likes his half!

We have been reading your blogs since before the word blog was around and love them.

Have fun and hang on with your finger tips!

Good way to get *loads* of comments!
Happy birthday, sorry I missed the gathering (you know where I was… and if that had not occured, I would have been at Open Day). 29, but I date a 37 year old! Something else that Miss Marita and I have in common… for the next month at least (he turns 38 on the 27th Sept)! :D

Hi Daniel, nice to know I’m not the only superannuated citizen. At 63 it looks like I might be the oldest Australian? Oldest Melburnian? Oldest Melburnian woman? Oldest reader from Upper Gully? Anyways, I am glad you enjoyed your birthday – may you have many more.

Blessings and bliss

Wow – this brought everybody out of the woodwork! Happy Birthday!

Each year when i read on the blog what you got for your birthday, its always a reminder that my birthday is coming up soon. I’ll be 37 two weeks after you.



I’m 27 Daniel – we share a birthday – hope you enjoyed yours. Don’t worry about the 37 bit. It’s not so bad!

Mine was pretty good – dinner at Jimmy Chung’s with the Wifely Person and step-son, and Mum and Dad got me seasons 1 and 2 of “House, MD” (which is superb, if you’ve not seen it – Hugh Laurie is fantastic).

I’m trying to remember if I ever went to that milk bar…was it towards the train line?
Only every visited CIT for the all-night terminal rooms anyway….
Cant remember when I started getting TCWF either

must be old at 38 :-)

I’m 56 yrs young, and have been going toxic for about 10 yrs, as best as I can remember anyhow. How times have changed! How technology has changed! How you have changed! Me? Naaaah!

40. I love watching the BBC’s Grumpy Old Women/Men series – once upon a time I would have throught they were a bunch of whinging old fogeys. Now I sit there and agree with nearly all of them = except Janet Street-Porter she IS evil cow.

hey there

i’m a new reader. i am going to add you to the list of blogs i read. found you by searching for “someone stole my bike” cos my husband’s just got stolen.

anyway, i’m 38

Hi Tony Coulton

Technology has changed, love to hear from you. I still have my old address. Please drop me a line.
Happy birthday to all the aussies with birthdays today! Well I have to keep the theme going somehow!

David Gubbins
All the way from my new life in sunny central Switzerland

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