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I had a walk around Fed Square and Birrarung Marr on Friday. I was actually looking to get a pic of the Spamalot information booth, which had a big inflatable Monty Python foot on top of it. The kids could have had great fun animating it.

Alas my plan went askew when I couldn’t find the booth, and my “real” camera had flat batteries. But I took a few pics with my phone.

The giant Luxo Junior on Flinders Street reminded me that I really must take the kids along to the Pixar exhibit before it closes.

Giant Luxo Junior

If you had to ring Triple-0 in an emergency and they asked you what street corner you were near, and you were in the middle of a big park, what would you say?

It seems the people who set up Birrarung Marr thought of this already:

Melbourne emergency location

Now, my question of the day is… what is the purpose of that thing on top of the Mercer building? Anybody know?

Melbourne Mercer building

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and I thought it was only weird Japanese tourists who walked around Melbourne taking photos of signs stuck to poles…


That thing on the Mercer building was put there so that every time I was driving my tram into the city along St Kilda Rd, I’d spot it and wonder “what the hell is that?”.

I can heartily recommend the Pixar exhibit to you and yours Daniel – it’s great if you already have an appreciation of how hard it is to manufacture a movie. You’ll need many, many hours ‘tho. And $15/head.


“You’ll need many, many hours ‘tho.”

To manufacture a movie or get through the exhibit? ;)

Who says Melbournians are starved The Yartz? :)

If it was an oblong, I’d have said it was something to do with the National Geographic.

Maybe it’s just to make the building look higher for marketing purposes or an empty support for a billboard. Re this, would it be easier to get approval if the supporting structure is already there?

This part of Melbourne has been totally ‘remodelled’ since I left so I had quick look at it on the Melways and found something which is old news to you but to me is a fresh new example of Merchant Bankery – the toll on Batman Ave. Amazing. Also, Daniel, why did they route the tram along the side of the rail lines behind Melbourne Park instead of just straight down Batman and Swan? Any idea?

Batman Avenue actually is no more. (See an old map for comparison.) Replaced by parkland. The toll is on the (new) Exhibition Street extension.

I’m not sure why they didn’t leave the tram on Swan Street; it would have better served Olympic Park. Maybe the road engineers wanted it out of the way of the cars…

Daniel, it’s quite obvious that the big white frame thing is a dimensional gateway similar to the Bajoran Wormhole through which hoards of evil aliens will pour, or perhaps something like the temple at the top of the building in “Ghostbusters”. Run for your lives!

Many a time I have pointed out the thing on top of the Mercer building to friends, and then had to defend my suggestion that it looks like a big computer screen (more effective in the dark). Next to it is a flat keyboard. I can’t remember who first brought it to my attention, but that is what is definitely looks like! As to why it is there… good question!

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