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I’m really enjoying the SBS series Great Australian Albums on Saturday nights. It’s kind of an Aussie version of the British Classic Albums series — both take the artists back to the studios to play us snippets from the master tapes, while explaining how the albums came about: the context for the band, the writing, recording, production, marketing, touring and reception. Nice to see popular music treated with this level of seriousness.

Especially for albums I’m very familiar with (Saturday’s was Crowded House‘s Woodface) it’s really fascinating. Loved some of the stories, such as them wondering why on earth the American label decided “Chocolate Cake” would be a good first single, given it’s a piss-take of American pop culture. And they confirmed my suspicion that “Four Seasons In One Day” was inspired by Melbourne’s weather.

Torchwood has been moved, if you were wondering on Monday night where it disappeared to. Channel 10 have sent it through the rift to midnight Tuesday nights at midnight. It’s worth the effort to catch/tape next week’s episode “Random Shoes” — I thought it was really quite clever; probably the most enjoyable of the lot.

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It was great wasn’t it? They are long time favourites of mine.

Had a laugh at Tim when he said the songs wouldn’t have been as good live without him…

BTW if you haven’t purchased it yet, the new Crowded House album is an absolute gem…

Well finally one of my favorite musicians; who happens to be from Australia, is making it to Seattle to play a Free concert.

Mia Dyson will appear at Union Station in Seattle on August 15th 2007 12 noon. If any other Aussies are out and about; definitely check her out.
She is opening for Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, George Thorogood, and has a new album out called Struck Down. Any way looking to meet fellow Aussies at the event. See ya there,

Thanks for the update on “Torchwood” Daniel!

I *hate* when TV stations move programs around like that without proper notice. (Up until now I’d considered Channel 9 the main offender.)

Don’t they realise that by alienating regular viewers this way – they will lose many of the viewers they already have?

Cripes – no wonder people are drawn to DVDs or BitTorrent!

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