Vale, Bargearse

BargearseOn Sunday afternoon a few weeks ago I was digging through the old video tapes and found the Bargearse compilation. (For non-gen-Xers and those outside Australia, Bargearse was a version of the 70s cop show “Bluey”, starring Leo “Lucky” Grills, dubbed-over in the early 90s by the D-Generation Late Show).

I thought I’d give the tape a spin. The kids got a laugh out of it — the bodily-sound-effects in particular, but also the many references to Bargearse’s diet and appetite, and that killer gag where Detective Sgt Glen Twenty gets stuck at a level crossing waiting for an endless train.

Alas, Lucky Grills passed away on the weekend.

Vale, Bargearse.

Update: Plenty of Bargearse on Youtube, including the train gag:

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5 replies on “Vale, Bargearse”

Yeah, quite sad really.
Good of you to mention Lucky.
I think he died of a heart attack – not surprising given his size.

You know, that’s just reminded me I have a dusty old VHS of “The olden years” (re-dub of “Rush”) hidden away somewhere. I’m just a couple of years too young to remember actually watching the late show on TV, but have had many hours of enjoyment from the DVD they released!

R.I.P Lucky, and long live the piss-takes!

He was 79 years old!!! I’ve known plenty of people of less size than that die of a heart attack. Stop the fat bashing ffs!!! He may have had a medical condition, on medications (that our hipocritical medical service foist on us) or it may have been for mental/emotional dysfunction or even it’s genetic.

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