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Power to the people

After a year and a half of living here, I finally bought a ladder. It’s probably something I should have done as soon as I moved in, given without it I can’t re-light the heating pilot light, or get tennis balls off the roof, or clean the gutters. I also plan to use it to scope out the possibilities for insulation batts in the ceiling. For those with a ladder fetish, it’s a 2.1m to 3.6m step/straight ladder hybrid.

I had a day off yesterday, and (apart from climbing the ladder a few times) spent some time installing all the CFLs that I could, and switching over the shower head to the super efficient one.

Now I’ve just got to figure out what to do with the old inefficient shower head and light bulbs… The latter could be collectors’ items in a couple of years I suppose.

Will be interesting to see if there’s a noticeable difference in my power and water bills.

(The day seemed rather tame in comparison to that of Tony and Rae, who spent the day bringing two new humans into the world.)

By Daniel Bowen

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Sell the old showerhead to a housing company. They’ll put it in a brand new house. With a flow restrictor, of course, to make sure it delivers a useless flow of water and turns the occupants off water-saving showerheads.

I’ll take your old shower head to use when travelling in Australia. Just screw off the horrible water saving model in the motel and screw on the nice full flow shower head that is in your suitcase.

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