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Thoughts of Kerang

The memorial service for the victims of the Kerang disaster was this afternoon. One can only hope that it provided some solace to their friends and family.

Life for the rest of us goes on. It’s been interesting to read the thoughts of some of those close to the scene.

Katrina, a Kerang local writes from China of her initial response to hearing of the crash from far away.

Michael Harry, an Adelaide journalist writes about how the story broke.

Scottie B, from the local Kerang newspaper, spent an exhausting couple of days at the crash site immediately after the crash, had some things to say about visiting journos, and also writes of life getting back to normal.

Rob tries to imagine the grief for those involved… and gets a comment from a reader who experienced the Queen Street massacre twenty years ago, and how these memories come flooding back whenever a similar incident occurs.

“Lad Litter” remembers seeing a similar accident at Heyfield in 1975, involving a car that tried to race a train, but hit it instead.

“Snappz” notes with sadness that the name Kerang is destined to be remembered for the crash.

One event, but many perspectives, in so many people’s thoughts.

By Daniel Bowen

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One reply on “Thoughts of Kerang”

Yes, it’s terribly sad, and I’m sure will be very painful for the survivors, and the ones left behind every year as this date rolls around again. That one comment on the one blog about how the name Kerang will always be associated with the train crash is so true. Here in Canada we have a few places like that: Walkerton, Ontario that had the water issue where people died of bad water, so forever it’ll be remembered as that. And of course the terrible things that happened. It’s like a collective memory that won’t let us forget the disasters, and horrors.

((((hugs))))) sent out to all feeling sad

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