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Recycled tissues are back in the mainstream supermarkets, if my local is any judge. Naturale 100% recycled. I’ll stock up.

Sadly the Continental brand chicken sauce I (and the kids) like seems to have vanished completely. It seems to have morphed from two jars into one, and adopted the dodgy-sounding brand name Indian Tonight.

Last night On Sunday night (after finding my precious recycled tissues) I was queuing with my roughly 25 items and my trolley at the normal checkout. A supermarket lady said I could go over to the Express Lane. The “8 items and less” lane. The no trolleys lane.

I must have sounded doubtful. “OK, if you’re sure…”

She was.

Great. So there I was clogging up the Express Lane with a hulking great trolley. I could feel the glares on my back from those people with 8 items and less and in a basket. I felt like turning around and imploring them not to judge me. “Please… I didn’t want to bring my trolley down the Express Chicane… they told me to do it… Honestly!”

No words were exchanged. Maybe they glared, maybe they didn’t. I probably would have. Maybe I’ll know better next time.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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I had the same experience while shopping on Sunday. I was directed to the “8 items or less” check-outs, only to queue up with lots of other people holding just one or two items.
I self consciously said to the check-out person “that guy over there told me to come here!”, and got a polite “oh, right..”
I’ll never do it again!

Our local Super Wal-Mart has a 20 items or less express lane. What you call a trolley we call a shopping cart and what you call a tram we call a trolley or more commonly a street car. Trolley originally refered to the little wheel that rolls along the overhead wire to gather the electric currant.

One is glad to know you found your recycled tissues Daniel. I’m lucky – I just give each nostril a blast with the Vicks (menthol inhaler) each morning and I’m right as rain for the day. Shame about your sauce – maybe a sustained boycott of the new brand will persuade Continental to rethink. Or at least do away with that woman from Supernanny on their commercials.

Make your own sauce.

Our local IGA never lets us wait behind another person at the checkout. If a queue of two forms, and the first person isn’t just picking up their bags to leave, the staff will immediately summon another checkout operator. It’s brilliant. We shop there all the time and we will keep doing it until Safeway appears next door and succeeds in an inevitable campaign to put IGA out of business.

Been there. Don’t do it. An empty lane becomes a queue of many people with one or two items behind you and they are all boring holes into the back of your head.

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