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Jack’s back

The Doctor Who spinoff series Torchwood starts tonight on Channel 10. I’ve seen a few episodes — at first it seems to revel in its adult timeslot, with (arguably gratuitous) use of sex, swearing and violence. Then it settles down a bit and starts telling some good stories, though none seem as deep or well thought out as the best of the recent Doctor Who scripts.

The third series of Doctor Who itself starts next week on the ABC, and evidently the final episode of Torchwood ties back-in to its parent show.

Unfortunately, by my calculations, the way they’ve been scheduled (and assuming each channel sticks to one episode per week without missing weeks) the bit where Captain Jack jumps out of Torchwood will air two days after he jumps back into Doctor Who. Whoops. Maybe Channel 10 will show the last two episodes of Torchwood together, like they did in Britain… that would solve it.

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Dr Who was always about bending time – wasn’t it?

(I wish my flatmate would let me watch the new series s s s … grrrr)

5 bucks says ten drops the show after 5 or 6 episodes, then shows them over summer every third wednesday just after letterman…

meanwhile, anyone who is a who fan and hasn’t seen it yet needs to brace themselves for episode ten of season 3… quite possibly the best Doctor Who episode ever. I would say more but I don’t want to spoil it but I can’t rave about it enough :)

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