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Aspirational goals

I’m sure most of us have already worked this out, but let me decode the phrase “aspirational goal” for you. It means “goal that we’d like to reach, but we’re not going to actually make any effort to reach, and there certainly won’t be any penalties or anything if we never come close.” In other words, it’d be terrific if it happened by itself. Yeah right.

Examples from our illustrious leaders:

What a load of bollocks. Either you support a goal, or you don’t. And if you do, you should be actively working towards making it happen, not just saying it’d be a good idea.

You don’t see football teams talking about aspirational goals, do you? — No, because they actually want to achieve something. Richmond are at the bottom of the ladder, and aspire to start winning games and climbing the ladder. But the difference between them and the politicians is they’re actually trying to make it happen.

By Daniel Bowen

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My dictionary states that aspiration is when you inhale your own vomit.
Pretty apt here I reckon!

At Ferntree Gully, there is a school which has a sign up saying it is for “Aspirational Families”. Now are these the same as “aspirational voters” beloved of John Howard and various psephologists or does the school mean that all families, whoever they are, aspire to have the best education for their kids and this is the place to get it. Or are these “aspirational voters” the ones who want their kids to become financial planners and make heaps of money. And, if so, does it exclude people who want public schools to communicate plain old-fashioned Aussie values – egalitarian, fair dinkum, and all for a fair go for everyone?

Aspirational is the new “committed” that lacks the “commitment”. It says “We’re planning to do this, but we’re only going to pencil it in”. A long time ago, these would have been called “promises”.

Aspirational goals = the goals you have to look like you care. Convenient, too, that the PM’s group recommended target setting time as being next year, after the nasty election is out of the way. No need to be pinned down to an actual commitment if it can at all be dodged.

Yeah aspirational goals are the new political talk for “we’ll float it out here but won’t do anything about it”. Sadly, it’s only when we, the people, demand action by widespread boycotting, or protesting that the government gets off its collective ass and does something. Canadian gov’t is exactly the same with the aspirational goals, believe me. :(

It seems that just like every other product of our consumer society, the BS must also be repackaged for the new season.

A few years back now, King Canute sat on a beach trying to stop the tide. I suggest the same strategy for Dubya and Little Johnny but, to ensure they give it their all, have them manacled into place. It would be a way to turn their aspirational goal into a respirational goal.

Please come out and say what you feel – have a crack!!!
Stop pussy-footing around the subject man!

Oh, and carna Tiges.

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