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The magnetA fridge magnet arrived in the mail. They’re always useful for sticking things to the fridge, and this one includes emergency numbers, which if could be potentially useful if there was ever an emergency in the house and I happened to be near the fridge and in the heat of the moment had forgotten that the emergency number is “000”.

The catch? The magnet also has the picture and name of my local Federal Member, Andrew Robb. Frankly I’m not that keen of sticking any politician’s mug peering at me when I go to get a snack.

So I did a little trimming with a pair of scissors.


By Daniel Bowen

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4 replies on “The magnet”

yeah, we got an Andrew Rob fridge magnet (perhaps he thinks he’s a chick magnet?)
Someone rang up the ABC radio and said the glue between the card and magnet leaked out and they now have a picture of Andrew Rob permanently stuck on their fridge. A scary thought!
PS I’ll be handing out how-to-vote cards at Hampton Primary again, later in the year … against Mr Robb!!

We are lucky in that our local member is Petro Georgiou, well known liberal party rebel. Kooyong is a safe (well used to be) liberal seat, and I kind of like Petro.

Be careful with the magnets – a colleague at work found that after a while they formed a rust spot underneath.

We have a local greedy real estate henchman that sends these out with recipes on them, a whole series. I always leave my comments for weeks later lol.

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