On the box

I don’t normally watch much TV, but I’ve got a few things earmarked for the coming weeks.

Tony has reminded me: Life On Mars starts this Sunday night on ABC. Everything I’ve heard says it’s good.

Series 3 of Doctor Who is hotly rumoured to be coming on Saturday nights at 7:30pm again, starting in late-June.

If you’re wanting to find out more about the coming problems for oil supply (and why you need to get ready for $3 petrol), check out Crude, next Thursday night at 8:30. Watch the promo here. It’s followed by a Catalyst special which includes last month’s human sign.

By Daniel Bowen

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Hello Daniel,
My comments have nothing to do with the post to which they are attached, I just wanted to commend and thank you for your blogging effort. I got on to your blog via Jentopia about a year ago and have been a reader since.

I’m moving to Albury NSW from the UK in August this year with my wife and two daughters and, in my quest to learn as much as I can about Aussie lifestyle, your blog has been a very interesting and helpful read. It is, without doubt, the most frequently posted of the blogs I read.

Thanks Daniel,
Keep up the good work.

Craig Hammans
North Wales.

I’ve noticed that Channel 10 has started showing short 10 second ads saying “Captain Jack Harkness is coming”, so Torchwood can’t be far away.

We’ve had both series of Life on Mars shown here over winter and it is excellent. I particularly enjoyed the relationship between John Simm’s character and that of Philip Glenister. There are some very funny observations about police culture as well as the constant question of whether Sam is dead/mad or in a coma. Not to mention those 1970’s fashions bringing back some cringing memories :) It’s top drawer BBC drama.

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