Ties are essentially useless. Purely decorative. I bought one yesterday. Nice.

What I can’t quite come to terms with is men who wear bow ties for everyday business-wear. It just looks wrong. It’s like they’re trying to scream “I’m whimsical!!”

(Awaiting comments from all my bow tie-wearing readers…)

By Daniel Bowen

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Bow Tie? Suitable for the Opera or a Play only*. Wearing one to work makes you look like a… well, “Clown” is more polite I suppose :)

* Except if it’s battery operated and spins, or squirts water – but then you would be a Clown.

I hate bow ties. They are the most riduculous things ever invited. I bet the same person who invented bullit-proof ice cream scoops invented the bow tie. Unfortunately, I have to wear one whenever I have a concert–I am a trombone player in a Wind Ensemble (thing symphony orchestra minus strings and conductor with crazy hair). I also hate those stupid tux shirts that are not bow tie compatable–you know, those ones with the not-quite-correctly-made flaps on the neck of the shirt that make your bow tie point down. *sigh* Too bad I can’t boycott them or else my conductor would give me the boot…

ugh…I need to learn to spell. Why don’t I catch these errors when I proof read my post!? Invited=invented. Bullit=bullet. I hate my life…..or well most of it….or…er…some of it….never mind…I just hate bow ties and spelling errors…

James Strong, ex-Qantas CEO, always wore/wears one. He looked like a *clown* (gee I fought with myself not to write something more accurate) personified. His replacement, Geoff Dixon, doesn’t wear a bowtie but he still fits the profile ;)

Agreed – it is rare to see an attractive bowtie. But I do love a beautiful thick silk tie. They are totally impractical and often uncomfortable, but they finish off a suit well.

My very well paid boss wears ties that he originally bought in the 70s, or recently bought at Vinnies. They are thin, polyester and usually dirty. I had to borrow one from him the other day – eerrr.

I am always telling my two boys not to wrap things around their neck, and every day they see me do exactly that.

Ahh bow ties exist for a reason though…they are especially for scientists and doctors so as to not get them caught up in experiments, medical procedures and so forth.

What you didn’t all know that already???

To me, bowties scream “I’m a pompous prick”. Sorry, but that’s my take on it. Now, in the evening in a dinner setting, or with a tux, yes, they have their place. Otherwise, just stick with the ties, guys. They look nice, with a suit. But honestly, yes, they are useless.

I gave up ties about ten years ago, ironing about five years ago. Haven’t missed either a bit. Even John Howard is now doing interviews tie-less. The writing is on the wall!

The last time I regularly wore a tie was in high school. In truth, a bow-tie doesn’t show you are an academic since most academics, such as myself, do not wear ties of any variety unless previously tranquilised and about to receive a large grant or an honourary degree. I have two suits I bought about eight years ago. I reckon they’ll do me for the rest of my career. Clue: in 1982 I was in primary school.

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