Morons on the road

Keep left

What “Keep left” sign?

Whatdyamean, “Keep Left”?

Tram stop? What tram stop?

It doesn’t apply to me.

I’ll go where I want.

4wd in tram safety zone

(Sorry about the pic quality.)

By Daniel Bowen

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must admit, I ended up in a tram lane the other day, lost in London, not a city I have driven in before, and when I saw my hotel, in the dark, I thought the slip road off for the tram was the pick up point for the hotel. Whoopsie

The bigger the car the smaller the driver’s brain (and in the case of a male driver, the smaller his dick).
PS I drive my wife’s 4 cylinder car!

I’ve kicked a few cars passing my tram and as proof of the alertness of the car driver, none of them have ever actually stopped to check if they actually bumped into anyone.
I can see exactly what that 4WD driver was thinking. “Why should I, king of the road, have to wait behind all these suckers when I can just cruise up the middle of the road? The time and petrol I save will be spent better on getting me that bull bar next week, which I’ll need incase any of the PT suckers get pissed off with my heroics.”

Instead of having ‘Saftey cameras’ aka speed cameras. Why don’t we have real safety cameras on the side of trams to catch these super dangerous drivers!

Daniel as the PT super guru, what do you think of the idea ?

You are all so mean. As an occasional visitor to Melbourne, please let me say that the whole tram system confuses me and I could very well see myself making an unintended silly mistake.

I am a careful driver, but I still make the odd blunder even after 20 years of driving and to be honest it is often the courtesy of others that saves me from myself. In fairness to them, I try to be very forgiving when others also make dumb driving decisions.

MB, If I’m in a car and I come across a situation that is confusing and “could very well see myself making an unintended silly mistake”, I don’t just keep going. Listen to what you’re saying! If I don’t feel comfortable with a particular aspect of the road, I avoid it! It’s that simple and that safe.

MB, you’ve got three clues: the yellow line, which road laws dictate indicate a tram lane you shouldn’t enter; the Keep Left sign, which is pretty obvious; and finally the driver in question could have just simply followed what all the other cars were doing.

Sven, a few trams do have cameras. Dunno if they’re regularly used for enforcement though.

I haven’t driven in Melbourne for oh 20 years. I know that if I was to be in the city now driving I’d be making plenty of errors. All the noise and the constant movement seemingly endless chaos would force me to make mistakes that I wouldn’t normally make. That person may be the same or some serious wanker with no regard. When I see photos of packed public transport or cues on this website I shudder and get claustrophic, seriously. I live in a location where personal space is double that of a city dweller. Just saying we come from different environments and react differently in them.

lol Roger!

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