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They’re back

10th of February to 5th of April. That’s how long the bug bombs lasted. 54 days.

Last night I found two cockroaches, alive and kicking. Not sure how they made their way back into the house, but there they were — one in the livingroom, one in the main bedroom. Yeuchhh. And I’d found a dead one the previous day.

Yes, they’re back.

Possible courses of action that spring to mind:

  • Spray around likely points of entry: doorways, fireplace, windows that get regularly opened
  • Find the special cockroach bomb (the last lot was a generic bug bomb) which would be more effective, particularly since there appears to be a local infestation somewhere
  • Call in the professionals
  • Napalm/firebomb the whole house. Raze it to the ground and build something else. Probably prohibitively expensive. And anyway, I like my house.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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Those things you plug into your powerpoints which emit a light and high pitched sound are really effective. It’s kept the things out of my room for the past few years, and I used to find them crawling over my bed and in my curtains – a nice experience! They should sell them at Bunnings etc.

If they’re the big ones, they probably flew in, so don’t worry. If they’re the little ones, well…

I’ve hardly seen cockroaches in Melbourne. Brisbane, on the other hand…

I recently read that professional extermination does nothing for this particular breed of cockroach – big waste of money.

We’ve still been getting them here and there, but I think the rain has last week has kept them outside a bit more…they only come inside for water I believe.

Having lived in Queensland for a time the only true method of killing the buggers is to sit on the couch with a rolled up newspaper and just keep killing them when they get near – I was in a weatherboard house though and no amount of bombs helped at all!!! Good luck.

When dealing with a substantial ant problem, I surface sprayed all the door and window jams, and those stupid ventilation grills – because of the solid brick construction, there was no way into the flat without walking over those surfaces. Totally fixed the problem. But you’re in a weatherboard, so I don’t know if that technique will work for you. But I’d give it a try before razing the house to the ground.

I’ve got a cat that has eradicated most of ours. Yes, they do like moisture as Stitch Sista said. When I lived closer to the Todd River they were more prominent. Be vigilant about food scraps/crumbs and pet food these are fuel for the little buggers. Clean out behind & under your fridge and anything else in the kitchen were they congregate. Use those baiting stations and if you can buy roach powder find any holes (or air vents) that to to under your house and put some there. Holes will be similar ant holes. It’s an on-going thing too I’m afraid because I bet they’ve been there a long long time.

Another thought….places like your toaster, grill, oven etc where food and food by products sit in between uses need to be cleaned regularly. You’ll always have them but these things lessen the numbers.

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