I know you! I do!

Marita & Justine’s dog Maisie will occasionally get it into her head that she knows a complete stranger. “I know you!” she’ll think, and barrel up to them, tail wagging. “I like you! I know you! I do!” But she doesn’t.

I got a similar feeling yesterday, queuing up to buy some lunch. A man was waiting at the same place. He looked terribly familiar, but I don’t know where from. I couldn’t figure out if he was actually someone I know or have met, or some minor celebrity I might have seen on telly or on stage. Perhaps more likely the latter, as he didn’t notice me at all.

And of course, other than saying he’s very tall, with short cropped dark hair, and a roundish face, I can’t really describe him in any meaningful terms that would allow someone to work out who it was.

And no, I wasn’t willing to ask him who he was, or take a piccy with my phone camera. I keep thinking of Age Reporter Dan Silkstone, because he’s also very tall, but it’s not him. Maybe he is another media bloke I’ve met somewhere.

WAIT! WAIT! I think it was Dan Warne from Australian Personal Computer magazine. Maybe. Another Dan. Is he tall? He’s based in Sydney… why would he be in Australia On Collins in Melbourne buying lunch?

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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How funny :) For a moment there I thought I had my first ever 15 seconds of celebrity fame. But alas it was not me… I was here in Sydney yesterday.

Ironically last week I -was- in Melbourne visiting my family, and -did- go to Collins Street and buy some lunch there. But obviously I missed you buy a week; it must have been my doppelganger yesterday.

That kinda thing happens to me all the time! After years of being involved in church work [but no longer] and playing for years in various bands etc, I often make eye contact with someone and think, “Where do i know you from…?” If the gaze is mutual, we might do the “Trying-to-figure-out-our-connection” dialogue for a bit! heh heh
The most embarrasing is when you do that with someone, and you suddenly realise it’s someone who used to work at your local bank or Post Office or somewhere like thyat! Gagh!
Mal :)

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