Doctor Who dreams

The zombie dream

Jeremy, Isaac and I were being chased by kind of zombie-type things, that on-touch would change you from human into their kind. It was a bit like a cross between Shaun of the Dead and Rise of the Cybermen.

Somehow I knew it was a dream, but we kept on running. Isaac nearly got caught, but just escaped. I knew we had to get to somewhere called Bletchley Park, because that was where the resistance to the zombies was based. We’d be safe there. I think we’d almost made it, rowing down a river, when the dream ended.

Once I’d woken up I determined that Bletchley Park is a real place; it’s where the Allied forces had their code-breaking during World War 2.

Funny net find of the day: Tardis Environmental — it’s like Doctor Who meets Kenny. (via Paul Cornell)

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