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Happy birthday, nephew

LeoMy nephew Leo was born two years ago, and celebrated his birthday yesterday. His entry into the world doesn’t seem that long ago, and already he’s a toddler, not talking yet, but running around and making the kinds of noises toddlers do when they’re trying to express themselves. Showing people things, curious as anything, and addicted to Play School. (His previous fascination with Pingu appears to be waning.)

Of course, Jeremy just turned 9, Isaac is now in grade 6 (high school next year, ALREADY). All the family kids are growing up fast.

By Daniel Bowen

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Awwww too cute!

Time does go too quickly, my 16 yo (insanely you can be 16 & have your P’s in the NT & public transport *cough* is almost non-existent in these parts) sometimes drives his 6yo brother to school. It just seems weird how quickly it can go.

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