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The Daily Show has vanished off SBS again. It’s still on Foxtel’s Comedy Channel (9:30pm nightly). Damn. Given my inherent laziness (I don’t want to bother with torrents), do I have to shell out for Foxtel to be able to watch it? I really don’t want to do that, given the tiny amount of television I watch.

The West Wing has moved over to Saturday nights for the final season. I noticed on Saturday night that the “Available in HD” logo appeared at the start — the first time I remember seeing that on the ABC (though maybe I wasn’t paying attention), and more significantly the first time I remember seeing it show up on any channel on a programme that I really like. I don’t have an HD TV, but given it’s my favourite show on TV at the moment, I might take a look and see how glorious it looks via my computer and its HD tuner.

Speaking of political drama, Ian Richardson passed away over the weekend. As two Usenet commentators mused: “He was a really great actor.” “You might think that. I couldn’t possibly comment.”

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Missed Ian Richardson dying. He scared me but as for the reasons, I couldn’t possibly comment either.
I can’t tell any difference between HD picture and normal, although the sound seems better. ABC has had some shows in HD for a while.

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