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Stupid places to park #347

Stupid place to park

I mean, okay, maybe you need the truck to do whatever work you’re doing in the adjacent shop. But why completely block the footpath with it, forcing people onto the street to get around it? How about finding an actual spot on the street?

Irritating enough for able-bodied pedestrians like me. Doubly irritating for people with kids and heavy shopping. Triple for prams, wheelchairs, the blind.

By Daniel Bowen

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Saw similar last week in a quiet street, a woman with a pram. She just stood there staring at the builders and eventually they moved it out of her way. I was impressed.

Vehicles blocking footpaths is one of my pet hates. Probably because it infringes the rights of pedestrians and it is an illegal act. I have made a generic council parking infringement notice pointing out it is illegal but I am issuing a warning. I found such an official council notice discarded on the footpath outside my home, so I used this when designing my mock-up. I place the notice under the vehicles wipers or in the house’s letter box if I’m afraid of getting sprung.

Would you like some “your vehicle is illegally parked” stickers? They’re very popular with pedestrians around here, and I have “customer feedback” saying they’re irritating to remove :)

Or DIY – we just buy orange fluorescent sticker paper and print the text on four times to get A6 stickers. Cost about 20c each if you buy a box of 100 sheets. You should be able to pick some up from Critical Mass or email me and I’ll post some down.

Yeah just make sure the vehicle actually IS illegally parked before you go sticking stickers on it. My wife copped an A4 page glued to her driver’s window (making the car un-roadworthy I’d guess) when she parked in a private carpark to visit a business that shared the carpark. The sticker affixer didn’t know who owned the car. That’s vandalism.

When I see such things, all I can think of the driver saying to him/herself “It’s convenient for me – bugger everyone else.”

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