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The MSM at work

Yesterday at Fed Square, the white stationwagons were a dead giveaway that the TV guys were around.
Media cars

Sure enough, across the road on Princes Bridge, Ted was fronting the cameras.
Ted press conference
I got my go a few minutes later. (It was one of those days, if you didn’t know.) In the pack I can see Alan (10), Steve (Age), Kate (ABC) and a few other familiar faces. Ted’s the tall one.

A Channel 10 cameraman told the kids on Tuesday (when they came to talk to me at home, as I’d taken the day off) that the cameras are worth $70,000. The tripods $18,000. And the microphones about $5,000.

It’s a far cry from the digital camera I use to shoot video, which originally cost about $600, but the comparable model is now about $250. The little tripod we have cost about $35.

The cameraman assured the kids you could get good shots from a cheapie camera. Maybe rather than picture/sound fidelity, he was alluding to the power of citizen media to be anywhere, anytime. Yeah. That must be it.

Update Friday night: Ooh, this I like: The World Today: Connex woes could prompt mass fare evasion (transcript/MP3 download) My bit was recorded while walking down Swanston Street…

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Good work :thumbsup: It’s only with stunts like this that the idiots in the Government may actually realize that people are angry and upset. :P Takes a lot to get governments off their damn asses to DO anything….

If only the Government had listened to the Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) when we cautioned them against scrapping the old Hitachi trains.

While these trains are not air conditioned they at least would have provided a backup in case of difficulties.

Lynne Kosky, as the current Public Transport Minister will certainly have a big task in front of her as she tries to clean up the mess left by her predecessor, Peter Batchelor.


I heard that the problem with the trains was that they were designed to be used solely in underground networks, so cannot cope when the rails get wet or hot….Wouldn’t surprise me that we bought lemons….

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