Wikipedia started a fundraising drive in December, and given the value I get out of it, I decided to contribute. Happily, I chose a day when all donations were being matched by some anonymous donor, which was a bonus.

Imagine my surprise when a couple of weeks after Christmas, I got a Christmas card from the Wikimedia Foundation, as thanks. I don’t know if all donors get such a card, or you have to meet a particular level, but it was most appreciated (especially as, unlike US donors, it’s not tax-deductable).

I was even more surprised when, about a week later, Josh pointed out there’s now a Wikipedia entry for one Daniel Bowen of Melbourne, Australia. Gosh. (No it’s not connected to the donation; I won’t name names, but someone I know has decided I get my name in the papers often enough to be worthy.) Wow. I’m humbled. That’s inestimably cool.

I’ll try to do the right thing and not edit my own entry. Well, not unless one of you punks vandalises it.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

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Awesome! Congratulations, now you can say you’ve ‘arrived’ I guess LOL. Where, I’m not sure, but famous or infamous, you’re in Wikipedia, and you didn’t put yourself there. :)

Sorry danny, the temptation was too powerful. Plus I have to say that my room mate would definitely be a worthy competitor for the title of most average man in melbourne, see you at the next Mr average competition!!

The thing I really dislike about Wikipedia is there’s always some editor waiting in the wings to revert all the changes you’ve made. Very frustrating when you’ve worked hard to improve an article, only to see all your work disappear–and the editors seem rather arbitrary about who gets censored. Wikipedia: Great idea, a little dodgy in the execution.

Wow, you’re famous! :P
This morning I had one of those odd moments that I’m sure your nearest & dearest often have: hearing the voice of Daniel Bowden [sic] saying something about the compensation available for cancelled train services or something, in relation to the recent Siemens brakes issue. Nobody else was around to hear me correct the radio announcer on your surname, followed by the obligatory “I know him”.

There appears to be a bit of a lark on at the moment where people edit wikis to say that the person has died.

I hope no-one does this to yours Daniel.

Unless there is a Pythonesque or Goodie like demise in store for D. Bowen (spurious of course!!!)


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