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Australia Day

With all the controversy over the flag this year, and what it may represent in the hands of some people, I found it refreshing to read this, posted on one of The Australian’s blogs by ex-serviceman John Taylor:

The Australian flag has many places where it can and should be displayed. But this is not unconditional, or non-negotiable. One place is does not belong is draped across the shoulders of a foul mouthed, drunken and aggressive yobbo who will do you violence unless you show respect. So far as I am concerned (and please note, my tipple of choice is beer, and I take my coffee black, and have served in uniform) draping yourself in the flag does not make such behaviour acceptable. In fact, I regard that as an act of desecration. Engaging in such behaviour shows no respect for the flag. In taking the action they did, the organisers of the BDO showed more respect for the flag than those bogans who would hijack it for their puerile and offensive conduct. Well done Mr West, you are a good Australian.

— John Taylor of Canberra (23 January at 11:23 AM)

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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5 replies on “Australia Day”

Now, if only the Australian flag had a design worth getting protective of…

Seriously, I find the whole ‘respect the flag’ thing very troubling in the Oz context. It strikes me as the kind of BS I’d expect in The States. Or has Australia fallen so low with Little (Sycophant) Johnny at the helm?

Australia and Canada share a common problem: In both countries, the real flag (Union Jack) was taken away from the people and replaced with a meaningless design.

Bob, that’s not what I actually meant. In fact, I had Canada’s flag in mind as an example of great design.

I actually also rather like the EU flag, but the best thing about it is that no-one would think of trying to get jingoistic about it.

As a Canadian I’d like to say I think the design of Canada’s flag is rather good. I’m just sad to see punks taking over the Aussie flag as their “symbol”. It’s a sad day when you can’t be proud to fly your countrys flag.

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