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Keeping the legend alive

I’ve mentioned before my exploits with video, a set of productions made predominantly when we were teenagers, with zero budget, on equipment borrowed from school.

The very last production was an episode of the Professionals-inspired “STRIKE”, about a secret crime-fighting organisation. Made in 1993, by which point all of us were either at uni or in the workforce, it brought the era of homemade productions to a neat close, and served as a great post-school reunion for those of us involved.

Undoubtedly it was the least worst best of all the productions we’d done: the scripts were a little less cliched, the camera-work was better and the props more realistic. It included location shooting in Manchester Lane (boy has that changed; it was chosen for its grimyness — now it’s anything but), at Parliament House, at my flat-of-the-time in Hawthorn, and around South Caulfield and Ripponlea.

Now thanks to Raoul (producer/director) digging out his master tape, here it is online.

For all the work done on the script, it still only panned out to about 20 minutes long. (The first minute or so is the trailer, if you don’t think you have the patience for the full thing.)

I suspect it’s not as fun for the casual viewer as the Doctor Who video made some years earlier — I’ll work on getting that one online.

(Click here to see the video if it doesn’t appear in your RSS reader.)

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Go to about 02:51 Konrad, and you’ll see yourself and a number of other thugs walk in with guns and surround the hero as part of the flashback from the previous episode (made in 1988).

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