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Power and heat

I count myself lucky, given the power chaos yesterday. I got out of the city just before things really got pair pear-shaped (even if the train was an old non-aircon one, at least it was moving, and not too crowded, and we opened all the windows, which helped a bit). Marita was, I think, less fortunate: her train was packed to the rafters, though airconditioned.

And we didn’t lose power last night at home, unlike plenty of others.

Spent some of the evening sitting on the back porch, sipping cool drinks and watching out for invading cockroaches. Got three in about an hour. That Baygon spray stuff is marvellous.

A possum stopped past to say hello. Sat on the edge of the roof for a few minutes, watching, waiting, probably silently complaining about the heat. A bit rough when you have a fur coat, I suppose.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

5 replies on “Power and heat”

Ah yes… well, I wrote that in a hurry this morning, and was trying to remember how to spell pear. I only got as far as determining it wasn’t “pare”.

Hello, I just had to comment. I stumbled across this site when doing a search for ‘cockroaches in melbourne’. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve bookmarked it. I live in the area and so feel quite at home hearing your ramblings about town. I’m not too up with blog lurking ettiquette, but thought it would be more polite to say hi than not.

BTW we have cockroaches. YUCK. Infact the other day I found 5 in total over the course of the day. Hubby cleaned under the washing machine and that seemed to help.

Bye for now.

Glad to hear that you survived the power outage and the bushfires and all the other insanities that Melbourne has been going through recently. I rather suspect that soon Australia will be forced to import all of its food (and water) as the land will dry out completely.

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