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Super mouse

The mouse in my house previously spurned the poison put down for it.

Last week it managed to get bait out of the mouse trap without setting it off.

Then it managed to nibble away at bread that was left hanging in a shopping bag from a door handle. From the trail it left behind, looks like it got onto the kitchen bench, then leapt or climbed into the shopping bag, then ate its way into the plastic bag, then into the bread.

This is no ordinary mouse. I think I’m dealing with a super mouse.

(At least, the evidence left behind says it’s a mouse. Though I quite definitely spotted a rat by the garbage bins. Either way, I’m upping the trap/bait ante.)

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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Ugh, I don’t envy you that task. *as she shivers* I have a real aversion to those small rodents. Like, let the husband deal with that part of it. LOL! Good luck!

I had a mouse in my house about two months ago. Caught him about 12 hours after setting the trap baited with Peanut Butter (A common bait in the US). I was in bed when I heard the trap go off and slept well with the knowledge he was no longer with us.

The only way we dispensed of our seemingly super trap resistant mouse was to find his point of entry into the house and block it up well and truly. Then we had to leave a trail of food out through an open door, which he inevitably followed, never to be seen again.

Sorry to be dull, but different mousetraps do make a difference. We found that mice could evade the ones from Bunnings but were trapped by the ones from Mitre 10.

Also, watch your toaster. You DON’T want a mouse to get trapped in there and die.

we had one living in the hole at the back of an electric canopener a couple of years ago. Hubby managed to tape over the hole with some large tape and i took it outside pulled the tape off and tried to get rid of it. sure enough 2 days later it it was back. same place. fun and games ensured. eventually.. we taped it in again and threw the entire opener into the bin as is. harsh way for it to die poor thing.
it must be the time of year we’ve had 2 in the last few wks. Getting in the same way. the 2nd was caught yesterday. We bait our traps with peanut paste too. it got caught in one trap tried to run( the other day it ran and got out of the trap, i gues it was only caught by it’s tail) but this time it ran off to hide behind the stove ran straight into a 2nd trap. Snap well and truely caught. I am hoping that’s the end of it.

Years ago I had a very active one in my donga (demountable living quarters) when I was working at Kulgera NT. He/she would be really bold and scurry around swinging off the curtains, poking it’s head out of the wardrobe just long enough to tease you before you pelted him with a shoe. One night my sister & I sat drinking way too much and pelting shoes at him. He proved to be so much fun that we took away the trap, we didn’t have the heart to kill something with so much personality lol.

After weeks of patience the little bastard in my house is no more.

Try to set the bait on an extreme corner of the trigger so that the mouse will have to move over it. I also used jam which worked a treat.

*LMAO* Jenn – I meant Daniel should buy a cat. OR if he’s not feline inclined, he could buy a small mouser dog. Fox Terriers, Australian Terriers, Jack Russells… all good mousers/ratters.

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