Christmas was the usual combination of family, presents, and too much food.

After a day or two of recovery, we headed off for the Melbourne Aquarium yesterday. So did half the city, apparently. It was crowded — perhaps too crowded to be really enjoyable, in fact.

But it was spectacular, particularly the “Fish Bowl” and Oceanarium.

I hadn’t been before, and enjoyed the exhibits that weren’t overrun with crowds. I was a little surprised there was no ban on flash photography, something regularly contravened at the Penguin Parade, leading to a total ban on photography there. Maybe fish and other sea-creatures aren’t sensitive to flashes of light like penguins are?

All in all, very enjoyable. Try not to go in school holidays though.

[Click here if the video (silent) doesn’t show up in your RSS reader.]

By Daniel Bowen

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2 replies on “Aquarium”

Video came out well. Weekdays can be busy with school kids too. I will wait until it has expanded before visiting again. Works are under way. Used to be able to take camera pics at Penguin Parade. Things have obviously changed. Bright lights shining into their eyes are not a problem, but flashes are?

Anyone using a flash at the Aquarium is a doofus ANYWAY. Thanks for the vid. I still haven’t been there. Guess I’ll wait until the kiddies are back at school and I can shirk work to go take a looksee.

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