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Walking shots

As I think I mentioned once before, TV news often record a “walking shot” to use for editing purposes.

They’ll get you to back away from the camera 10-20 metres, then walk past it, without looking at the camera, and hoping no huge swarm of people comes around the corner and walks in front of you.

And you have to walk at a slow to medium speed. Sometimes I’ve been asked to do it again because I walked at my usual frenetic pace.

Walking shot on tramFor me and the subjects I tend to cover, a little variety might be had by getting me to walk through a ticket gate or press buttons on a ticket machine. One time a cameraman and I waited for a tram for me to climb onto, and then off again (somehow making it before it took off again from the stop, thanks to a red traffic light).

It’s rare they actually use walking shots of me. But now that I know the secret of the walking shot (and its indoor equivalent, the sitting at a desk, shuffling papers shot), I see it pop up all the time in various news stories.

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I hate doing walking shots–mostly because I walk so funny. Especially hated are the ass-angle walking shots. this mommish behind needn’t be on film. But it is.

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