Another odd dream last night:

A knock at the door in the morning. Four policemen, who seemed very tall, and seemed to have been drenched in the rain outside. I wondered why four of them — it must be serious!

They told me they were part of a fraud investigation, and that they couldn’t tell me much about it, but it related to unpaid bills*. They had brought a technician to sever my internet access (rather than getting the ISP to just flick a switch somewhere else). I protested, told them once it was cut-off I couldn’t show them my internet banking records.

They gathered some evidence and went away again.

Later at some stage, I was in the pub (no idea which one) talking to some friends (no idea which) about it, saying how probably any unpaid bills had gone to the wrong address**, some kind of morphed version of my street address and my postal (PO Box) address.

I saw my local MP***, and since I’ve met him a couple of times, I decided to speak to him about it to see how he could help.

Dream ends about here.

* Occasionally I forget to pay bills, particularly credit card bills, but they usually just accrue and charge me interest, rather than sending in the Fraud Squad. It’s got better since I’ve been setting them to pay in advance via internet banking.

** I got a letter the other day with some documents inside it, some of which had my address wrong.

*** Rob Hudson, just returned in yesterday’s election, and whom I refused a How To Vote card from when I voted. (I never take any of them.)

By Daniel Bowen

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