Level 2 water restrictions

Level 2 water restrictions are now in place in Melbourne. Judging from the FAQ, some nitpickers have been asking questions:

What if I don’t have a house number?
Where there is no house number the property is considered as an ‘even’ numbered house

If I live in an even number am I disadvantaged by not being able to water on the 31st?
No – both odd and even numbers can water on the 31st of the month.

I’m lucky in that I can use greywater (from Jeremy’s bath) some nights of the week. I was wondering how my back lawn was going to survive over the long weekend, though thankfully it rained on Thursday morning.

By Daniel Bowen

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4 replies on “Level 2 water restrictions”

I recycle my shower water – take a laundry tub in. Requires a few extra minutes (particularly in the morning) but it makes so much sense. My grotty water doesn’t seem to bother the garden at all. I hope most people fell compelled to do this, a typical household can re-use 50 litres minimum of grey water a week.

Eh, level 2 is not a problem. Southeast Qld is on level 4 (slightly different system, but pretty hard). I have rellies there who installed a couple of tanks a few months ago, and they’re sitting pretty sweetly right now.

Grass is a weed anyway; just ask the Italians who built the place I’m renting!

The fruit trees and some veges out the back seem to be holding up ok, that’s my main concern. Oh, anyone want silverbeet? It seems to have taken over…

And what happens during February in leap years (eg 2008)? Even numbered houses won’t be able to water for 2 days!

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