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I’ve had a few unwanted visitors recently… mice in the fireplace (and scuttling around the rest of the house). The first cockroaches of the summer have appeared (and subsequently met their maker). And the other night some possums were making an unbelievable amount of noise in the ceiling.

Spider in the mailboxBut now I’ve got this in the mailbox: a spider. One of those big hairy ones which is probably more scary looking than dangerous… and has me scared to stick my hand in there looking for letters. I did try and whack it with a rolled up newspaper, but it scurried away into some dark corner, out of reach.

Speaking of letters, I got three last week from one of the banks: three identical letters (OK, one had a different date, but otherwise completely identical), all reminding me to start using my new credit card, and throw out my old ones. I thought I was seeing triple at first. No wonder the world’s forests are in trouble.

By Daniel Bowen

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I get a letter every month frem Telstra for a 4c bill, telling me I don’t have to pay it until the next bill.

The thing is, I got a Telstra account to get a line connection, and then immediately changed to a different ISP. So my bill will never get big enough to pay. (The 4c is a (unknown to me) charge for paying that one bill with a credit card).

I feel like I should sort it out so that I save some paper, but all means of sorting it out will cost me more than 4c. And I feel like they should work out that they are losing money themselves.

The moral dilemma! (My life is more exciting than this represents)

Picking up a doormat to vaccuum underneath, I accidentally put my hand right on top of a huntsman spider, and got a nasty bite. They are not poisonous for humans, but I had a nasty achy/stingy pain for several days. So, take care in your leterbox, Daniel!

I think that is a small huntsman in your letterbox. I believe they are not dangerous, especially the little ones. The bigger ones can bite apparently, but are not venomous as I understand. There used to be a lady in Murrumbeena who had a pet huntsman that would sit on her face when she went walking in the street, so the legend goes, but I never witnessed it personally. It was probably the style at the time (Simpsons reference; when grandpa used to wear an onion on his belt, as it was the style at the time). I really dislike white-tail spiders; they look evil.

I would let it stay until it decides to move. But, if it gets a buldge on it’s body, its time to go before there’s an invasion.

Here’s a cheap and easy solution. Toss a couple of mothballs into the mailbox. Replenish as needed. A handful or two will also work to keep attics, eaves and outbuildings free of ‘wild life’, and might even chase out the opposums.

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