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Does success make you? Or do you make success?

Cam of TPN is off to America to make his fortune, and his latest podcast is a “Goodbye Australia” edition. But what I found really interesting about it is him talking about the (metaphorical) journey — how he’s got into this position, and how successful people work: meeting people, making contacts, helping those contacts when you can, often without any direct incentive. Jumping off the cliff to try something new. Challenging yourself.

And he ponders the importance of a distinctive look, particularly for the mainstream media — he’s on the front cover of The Bulletin this week wearing a “geek” t-shirt and his Elvis sunglasses. I just can’t believe at the end, his mostly just-listening co-hosts didn’t proclaim “Elvis has left the building.”

I suspect my look is a dorky haircut. Not very distinctive, actually.

Oh and he claims to be an introvert. Having met the man, I don’t believe that for a second.

Interesting stuff, anyway. Good luck Cam.

By Daniel Bowen

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